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•   Dina Lucero  4/18
•   Catharine Dombrowski  4/17
•   Kirsten McLain (De Leon)  4/17
•   Kelly Broyles (Thrall)  11/7
•   Chania Saucedo (Brodie)  10/17
•   Teresa Johnson (Meredith)  10/17
•   Nanette Koll Puckett  10/17
•   Bonnie Bowden (Jenkins)  10/17
•   Tammy Wilson (Welenofsky)  4/13
•   Liz Sanner (Steller)  5/3
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•   Jeannine Galgani (Smith)  2/25
•   Jeannette Carter (Leong)  3/8
•   Nancy Seck (Tomsic)  3/8
•   Maureen Fahey (Zeller)  3/15


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Mercy High School
Class Of 1980



Welcome to the website designed (by a total amateur) for Mercy Girls, and by "Mercy Girls," I mean those who attended Mercy High School in Carmichael, California before it was torn down, paved over and converted to the parking lot which now accommodates a snazzy medical building.  According to my husband, I am geographically challenged, but if I am not mistaken, the building is situated in the very area where we once played flag football under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Easter and Ms. Maynard.  The chain link fence was not enough to shield us from the gaze of many a male passerby who whistled at us despite our hideous gym uniforms.  As I recall, we relished the attention from the opposite sex despite being told by Mrs. Easter that we were behaving like "dogs in heat."  But, as usual, I digress.

As I mentioned, I have absolutely zero experience when it comes to website creation, so if anyone has suggestions for improvement, please let me know.  Mrs. Brenske taught me how to type to the rhythmic beat of Kenny Rogers' music (what's up with the plastic surgeries?), but knowing my way around a keyboard is about the extent of my expertise.  Nevertheless, I thought I'd give it a shot.  As you might surmise from the title on this Home Page, I originally wanted the website to be exclusively for the Class of 80, but in the end, I decided that was the type of selfish behavior that would never have been tolerated by the likes of Sister Bridget Mary Flynn.  Thus, it is my hope that many Mercy Girls from all class years will eventually stumble upon this website (which is still a work in progress).  So many wonderful women emerged from the halls of Mercy High (maybe there was holy water in the drinking fountains) and staying connected with each other just seems like a really good idea!

Warment Regards,

Linda (Book) Johnston

PS - Did anyone notice the picture of Crockett and Tubbs at the top of the page and find it to be an odd coincidence that I married a guy named Don Johnston? Yeah, yeah . . .  I know his name was Don Johnson, but my Don really did wear a very Miami Vice white jacket to Senior Ball. 


I recently exchanged emails with Sister Nancy Daniels (she taught at Mercy from 1971-1974) and she mentioned something that I promised to pass along.  Here it is . . .

What year did you graduate, Linda?  I taught at Mercy High from 1971-1974.  Also, I am in touch with a woman who graduated from Bishop Manogue High School in 1970.  She is helping to plan a 40 year reunion with St. Francis, Jesuit, Manogue and Christian Brothers.  She is wondering if the Mercy High Class of 1970 would like to join them.  If you know of anyone from Mercy High's Class of 1970, please have her contact me: Sr. Nancy Daniels at this e-mail (or on my phone: 530-887-2065.  Thank you for your assistance.

If I can be of any further assistance to you, Linda, or any of the Mercy High women, please do not hesitate to contact me.

God's blessings on you all and on your families.  The Sisters always remember our students in our prayers.
Sister Nancy Daniels